New Specimen standalone site

We’ve created a site specifically for our new board game, Specimen. There you’ll find articles about how to play the game; good strategies for playing the crew or the monster; videos about different strategy cards and the development of the game; and selected game images. There are also some... Read More »

The Specimen is here!

We’re thrilled to announce that the Specimen board game is now available for purchase in a Print-N-Play version! You can buy the game from us directly at toxicbag.com, or you can get it from DrivethruRPG.com.   Click here to buy the Specimen Print-N-Play edition!   Read More »

SPECIMEN Update: New Game board design!

SPECIMEN Update: New Game board design!

We’re getting closer and closer to having a finished Print and Play version of Specimen for you, and here’s the latest piece of the puzzle. This is the new layout for the game board, based on Steve’s original prototype and the ship design by John Eiberger. Click the image... Read More »

Podcast: Episode Six

Our latest podcast is up on our Vimeo channel. In episode six, Steve talks about the new game board art for Specimen, and then we’re joined by special guest Ele Matelan, aka Navigator Whitaker from Specimen!   Read More »


It’s finally here! Presenting the T.C.S. Brown designed by John Eiberger. We will hopefully be getting the Print-N-Play version finished up and available real soon! Read More »

Podcast: Episode Four

Our latest podcast is up on our Vimeo channel. In episode four, Steve talks about our new Zombie City sounds, as well as news about Specimen and some hints about how to use sound effects in your RPG. Then, Steve and Joe discuss the upcoming films Man of Steel... Read More »


We’ve been busy upgrading the look of Specimen! Right now the game map, counters and rules are all getting a complete makeover. Here is a look at some of the new counters.               We hope to have the print-and-play version of the game available soon!  We’ll... Read More »

Specimen Update: New game board design AND Dr. Viktor Challenge!

We have a couple of fantastic graphic designers working on the game. Mr. John Eiberger is working on the revamped game board; here’s a look at his design for the Hibernation Room! We’ve also introduced the Dr. Viktor Four-Day Challenge: Dr. Viktor, the scientist who developed the Specimen, was... Read More »

Specimen on the web!

A bunch of gaming websites are picking up the Specimen story! Thanks to these fine folks for spreading the word: Geekdom Nation The Fellowship of the Geeks Boardgame Geek The Comics Waiting Room The Gaming Gang Jazma Online Check out the Specimen Kickstarter page! Read More »

Specimen Kickstarter is now live!

Well, we’ve gone and done it – the Kickstarter campaign for Specimen went live on September 5. We have until October 9 to raise $30,000 so we can finish up the graphics and print the game. To give you a deeper look into the world of the game, we’ll... Read More »

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