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New Soundpack: Dragons

  Our new soundpack, Fantasy: Dragons is now available for download! Continuing in the proud tradition of our Game Masters Collection “Fantasy” sounds, we’re offering 20 dragon vocalizations and breath attacks for 99¢. Sounds include: • Dragon Breathes fire • Dragon breathes ice • Ancient Dragon guards its treasure... Read More »

Xmas in July sale at DriveThruRPG

Time for a sale! This week, Toxic Bag products at DrivethruRPG will be 25% off! The 2012 X-Mas in July Sale at DrivethruRPG will start 7/23 at 10am and run until 7/30 at 10am. Read More »

Free Sound for July: Digging the Grave

Free Sound for July: Digging the Grave

This month’s free sound is a one-minute ambience of someone digging during a thunderstorm…is s/he digging for treasure? Burying something? Someone? Digging up a body for some nefarious purpose? Come to burn the bones and dispel a vengeful ghost? That’s up to you; you can get “Digging the Grave”... Read More »

June: Carrier War Price Drop and New Zombie Sounds!

• This month marks the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Midway. This battle was the turning point in the Pacific War. In recognition of this historic event, we have marked down our Sounds of the Pacific War collection 33%. • Our new RPG sound product is Zombie Apocalypse:... Read More »

Ghost in the Graveyard Soundtrack released

We’ve just released our first film soundtrack! The music for the never-produced ’80s horror film “Ghost in the Graveyard” is now available for download from and Read More »

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