The Game Masters Collection Volume Four: Strange Places CD


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The Game Masters Collection is a collection of unique sound effects, ideally suited for all genre RPG and LARP games. These sound effects were originally released as four compact discs: The Twentieth Century, Monsters, Fantasy, and Strange Places.
Whether you’re running a space opera or a fantasy epic, invariably the party will find themselves…someplace else. Hell, the Land of Dreams, Planet X, the Fifth Dimension. What do these places sound like? Now you can let them hear what’s on the other side of that weird pulsing gateway.
Toxic Bag’s recordists spent months risking life, limb and soul to bring you the sounds of these alternate realities and more places you probably wouldn’t want to be caught dead in.
Strange Places is the fourth and final volume of the Game Masters Collection. It contains 25 strange and different worlds and places for your party to inhabit. Designed for all genre RPG and LARP games.
Sounds include:
Once and Future Earth
1. Paleozoic Park
2. London 1888
3. Bagwich, N.E. 1920
4. Los Angeles 2020
Saturday Serials
5. Supercomputer of the Galactic Empire
6. Dimensional Gate
7. Dimensional Rift
8. The 5th Dimension
9. Time Machine Interior
Outer and Inner Space
10. Cyberspace
11. Star Cruiser Rumble
12. Astronaut
13. Astronaut dies in space
14. Jump to Lightspeed
Alien Worlds
15. Swamp Planet
16. Frozen Planet
17. Machine Wasteland
18. Hell
19. Haunted House
20. Jungle
21. Graveyard – Day
22. Graveyard – Night
23. Self-Destruct Sequence
“Every hero needs theme music, and now even the lowliest dungeon-crawler can have some…The discs feed the imagination by providing the auditory equivalent of flavor text, those long passages of description found in almost every Dungeons & Dragons module. Using sounds to spruce up an otherwise mundane gaming experience is nothing new–more than a few gamers have diced their way to greatness while listening to the Conan the Barbarian or Star Wars soundtracks. The Game Masters Collection offers more than that, though, providing GMs with just the right sound for just the right moment.
The tracks are expertly recorded, and if they occasionally sound like B-movie clips, it’s because they’re supposed to…the tracks are crisp, clear and sound like what they’re supposed to sound like.
Diehard game masters – the kind who have painted miniatures for every adventure and spend considerable time assembling props for their games – are going to love this collection.” –Kenneth Newquist,
“Are you one of those DMs who can mimic a fabulous array of voices and make convincing sound effects during the game? Me, neither. For those of us with a limited vocal range, Toxic Bag Productions has come to the rescue with a series of sound effects for your roleplaying campaign.”
–Dragon #284
The original provider of Sound Effects for Role Playing, Toxic Bag brings over 20 years of sound effects experience directly to your gaming table. We currently offer more than 200 unique sounds for all genres of RPG!

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