Drones & Atmospherics Volume Two

Drones & Atmospherics Volume Two



A blasted heath. An alien planet. Cyberspace. A distant moon orbiting a dead world. The End of Time.

Sometimes you don’t need a specific ambience. Sometimes you just want there to be something…ambient. A background, an atmosphere, a drone.

Whether you’re running a horror campaign, sci-fi opera, fantasy epic or anything in between, the Drones and Atmospherics series gives you a variety of creepy, mysterious sounds to underscore your most unsettling locations. The drone on Volume Two is fifteen minutes long. We’ve decided to call it “Spectral Drone.” But don’t just take our titles as gospel – use them for whatever you like!

Drones & Atmospherics Volume Two includes “Spectral Drone,” a fifteen minute creepy tone with distant whispers and screams.

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