Ghost Ship

5 December, Moderate gales from SWbyS and fair weather, though cold. Came across a derelict ship 200 leagues from port. She was still under full sail but with no crew aboard. Sails tattered, ship yawing slightly. We boarded to investigate and while we found a full cargo hold, all staterooms and cabins were empty. There was no one aboard. So ends.  ––Captain’s Log, HMS Browne

The Mary Celeste, the HMS Resolute, the Octavius – ships mysteriously abandoned by their crew and passengers, and found adrift on the open sea. What happened? Was there a pirate attack? An undersea earthquake? Or did something decidedly less natural befall the unfortunate crew?

“Ghost Ship” is a background sound of a sailing ship adrift at sea – hull creaking, sails flapping, ship’s bell clanging softly as the ship lists from side to side. The effect is ten minutes long and loops seamlessly.

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