Numbers Stations

Numbers Stations

Numbers Stations: mysterious shortwave radio stations that broadcast strings of numbers, seemingly random words and bits of noise and music. It has long been assumed that these stations are used to transmit messages to spies or smugglers.

There have been reports of Numbers Station broadcasts since World War I, though they’re generally associated with the Cold War.

Numbers Stations have been featured in one form or another in the TV shows “Fringe,” “Lost,” and “The Americans,” as well as in films like Jean Cocteau’s “Orpheus” and the upcoming (April 2013) movie “The Numbers Station” starring John Cusack and Malin Akerman.

Our collection of Numbers Station recordings include uniquely-formatted broadcasts in English, German, Russian and Czech, and there are two versions of each so that you can provide different messages to your players at different points in your game. They’re great for Espionage games, but you can also use them in Modern Adventure games or Sci-fi campaigns!

Transmissions include:

• The Beaumont Carillon One (British, Female)
• The Beaumont Carillon Two (British, Female)
• The Leicester Sermon One (British, Male)
• The Leicester Sermon Two (British, Male)
• The Wellesley Milkman One (Czech, Female)
• The Wellesley Milkman Two (Czech, Female)
• G47 One (German, Female)
• G47 Two (German, Female)
• Koenig 1701 (Russian, Male)
• Koenig 1701 (Russian, Male)

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