Soundpack: Horror #2: EVP

Soundpack: Horror #2: EVP


Horror: EVP is a collection of 39 creepy voices from beyond the grave, for use in your modern horror game.

Electronic Voice Phenomena. These mysterious recordings are believed by some to represent the voices of the dead. The earliest examples of EVP were recorded in 1956, and there have been thousands since. Are they the voices of departed colleagues? Dire warnings from the other side? Angry spirits lashing out against intruders to their haunted home? Could they be demons, or some eldritch horror attempting to communicate from beyond some dimensional veil? Or is it a hoax, a fraudulent attempt to drive off competing real estate investors?
It is left to you, the Game Master, to determine.

Phrases include:
• “Cast Into Hell…”
• “Find the Key…”
• “Follow the Rules…”
• “Help me…”
• “Let me out…”
• “Murder…”
• “Prepare for Death…”
• “There are Many…”
• “This is my House…”
• “Unclean Spirit…”

…and more.

Note: the warbly tone in the preview does not appear in the actual sound files.

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