Zombie Apocalypse: Farmhouse Siege

Zombie Apocalypse: Farmhouse Siege

The dead are returning to life and attacking the living. Somehow you’ve managed to survive the initial onslaught and find shelter in an abandoned farmhouse. You’ve barricaded yourselves in and are now planning your next move. But now the walking dead have found you. You hear them shuffle and moan all around the house, pounding, probing, scratching for a way in…to you. Will the barricades hold or will those things get in? Zombie Apocalypse Volume One gives you two 3-minute scenes of zombie terror, perfect for all of your zombie survival games..

• Track one is the sounds of the undead as they unsuccessfully try to break into your safehouse.

• Track two depicts the shambling creatures continuing their assault and succeeding in the final terrifying minute.

• We’ve also included a bonus third track of just the final break-in (available only with the full download).


1. Farmhouse Siege: Break-in Buy 1.25  3:00
2. Farmhouse Siege: Stalemate Buy 1.48  3:00
3. 1 Zombie Apocalypse Volume One: Farmhouse Siege (3 tracks) Buy 2.50