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Battles of the Zombie Apocalypse: Volume One: Operation Skullcrusher

Battles of the Zombie Apocalypse: Volume One: Operation Skullcrusher

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“We came up to the main gym. Those things were packed inside like sardines. Just standing there, they didn’t make a sound, they just stood. As soon as we pushed inside the room, they all turned and moved on us. We advanced shoulder to shoulder, firing as we went. Around me I could see soldiers disappear into the crowd of zombies. Like a sinking ship slipping beneath the waves. By the time we reached center court, the platoon was surrounded and we were now firing in all directions.When we finally fought our way back to the main entrance and closed the doors behind us, my platoon was down to 4 men.”

— Blog post from a survivor of 1st platoon, Alpha company

The dead are returning to life and attacking the living.The government has mobilized the armed forces and is trying to contain the epidemic.

Set up like a historical reference guide for tabletop gaming, Steve Baldwin’s new book Battles of the Zombie Apocalypse Volume One: Operation Skullcrusher details the first ground campaign conducted by the United States Army against the zombie hordes.
The book includes:
• 58 Pages
• 4 Color Maps
• Detailed history of the three day battle
• U.S. Order of Battle

Perfect background setting for your zombie horror RPG or table top game!