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  Joe Griffin
Joe Griffin writes guitar pop/rock inspired by and recalling the work of such giants as The Beatles, Elvis Costello, Tom Petty and Ziggy-era David Bowie. Praise from the Illinois Entertainer spanning the last decade includes such laudatory phrases as "truly talented" and "rich, strong vocals," as well as slightly puzzling ones like "intelligent guitars."

Joe Griffin has been playing guitar and performing music for over thirty years. During his musical career he has performed and/or recorded with numerous Chicago bands including the Others, Question of Honour, and The Radio Hour. He is currently a member of the garage-experimental duo Donny Who Loved Bowling and Chicago-area cover band Figurehead.

Joe's full-length CD, "Rough Cut Love" was released September 3, 2006 on Toxic Bag Records and is available from the Toxic Bag store.

"Joe Griffin's 'Rough Cut Love' is loaded with infectious pop hooks, impeccable classic rock sensibilities, and seasoned with a dash of alt-rock spiciness. A departure from his previous work with the experimental garage-band Donny Who Loved Bowling, the songwriting here is more mature, the musicianship experienced, and the lyrical craftsmanship poetic. "Rough Cut Love" marks the impressive emergence of Joe Griffin as a creative force to be reckoned with, and one that should easily win the hearts and ears of all who take the time to listen."

-- Vince Font, "Schizopolis" Internet Radio Show

You can contact Joe at toxicbag [at]

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Music for sale:
Rough Cut Love: available from CD Baby or iTunes or from the Toxic Bag store.
Countdown to Apostasy: available from CD Baby.

Upcoming Shows.

Joe will be performing with Figurehead on September 25 at Capone's Hideout in Niles, IL

Past shows.


  • Joe's music has been featured several times on the weekly Creot Radio podcast. You'll find some Donny Who Loved Bowling, some unreleased Joe stuff, and a whole bunch of other talented artists!

  • Joe's music has also found a regular home on Progopolis.


  • Clearly Better: dial-up version -- lyrics

  • You Again: broadband version and dial-up version -- lyrics

  • Never Leave You (from the independent film Dead to Rights): broadband version and dial-up version -- lyrics

  • On Your Own: broadband version and dial-up version -- lyrics

    All music and lyrics by Joe Griffin. Copyright 1999-2003 Stupid Itchy Church Socks Music (BMI). All Rights Reserved.

    The Live Band:
    Joe Griffin and the Souls of the Faithful Departed

    Peter Griffin - drums
    John Toljanic - bass
    Mike Przygoda - guitar
    Joe - guitar, vocals


    Photo: Marci Holda

    Joe's News

  • Countdown to Apostasy, an EP featuring alternate versions of songs from "Rough Cut Love," is now available at CD Baby.

  • The new Donny Who Loved Bowling CD will be released on September 21, 2010!

  • I recently completed the Original Cast Recording for the new musical the Regulars. In addition to arranging and engineering, I also played guitars, bass, keyboards and sang a bit. Check it out at CD Baby or iTunes!

  • The new album, "Rough Cut Love" is available at the Toxic Bag Records store. You can also buy the album from CD Baby, Amazon and iTunes!


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