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New Specimen image: Science Officer Franklin

Here’s another awesome new image from the Specimen photo shoot: Eric Van Tassell as Science Officer Franklin, equipped with his trusty natural-gas flamethrower.

We’re continuing to take pre-orders for the game, and have some other cool stuff planned which we’ll be announcing soon. For more information, visit the Specimen page!

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Specimen photo shoot!

Last weekend we had a nine-hour photo shoot to capture images for the cards in Specimen. We shot over 90 setups and took 3500 pictures. We’ll spend the next few weeks editing them into all the cards and promo materials. Thanks to our behind the scenes crew: Jill Vanc, Jodi Brown and Phil Freeman.

And now, we present the crew of the TCS Brown: Carly Joy, Steve Baldwin, Eric Neal, Eric Van Tassell, Ele Matelan, Alan Vuchichevich and Leena Kurishingal!

The Crew of the TCS Brown searches for the Specimen